Mosquito Control


The blood sucking mosquito is one of the most dreaded of all back yard insects, responsible for more deaths than all wars combined.   Mosquitoes are fast breeders and transmit many diseases. Have no fear there are many ways to deal with mosquitoes.  There are many towns and private companies that can help with spraying.  Help prevent mosquito breeding sites by removing stagnant water, clearing gutters, removing old tires, and other containers. I once saw a plastic toy in a kids sandbox filled with just a little bit of water and it was filled with mosquito larvae.  Its important to check your yard for anything that will hold water.    When outside wear long sleeves, long pants and wear repellents. Mow your lawn as short as you can based on the temp and weather for your type of grass, or ask your landscaper to mow as short as they can.  If you have storm drains you cities mosquito control district should be made aware of your storm drain and ask them to apply a monthly larvicide treatment to kill the larvae. Mosquitoes also enjoy moist shaded areas, so if you have an underground irrigation system you may consider running the sprinklers every other day rather than daily.  This will do two things it will force the roots of the grass to grow deeper and it will allow the ground to dry out in between making it a less favorable spot for mosquitoes to rest.  Lastly we ask people to get rid of brush piles as that is a great place for mosquitoes to hide out and it gives rodents a great place to nest and where there are rodents there are always ticks. 

Treatments- there are many different products out there to treat mosquitoes.  My personal favorite isn’t a long lasting chemical so it doesn’t persist in the environment,  It binds to organic matter so it doesn’t move off the property, just like the paint on your house, once it is dry it is dry.